The conference Interfaces Against Pollution 2024 will take place in Torino in September 15-18, 2024.


IAP conferences seek to provide a forum for researchers working in the interdisciplinary field of Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering, the main focus of their work being the importance of (bio)colloids and (bio)interfaces in natural and engineering processes, both from fundamental and applied perspectives. 

In the 2024 edition of the conference, we will give also some focus on implications and applications for agricultural systems, the decontamination of waters and soils using interface-based engineering techniques, microplastics and other contaminants of emerging concern, as well as artificial intelligence in the characterization and development of interface phenomena, among others.


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We look forward to seeing you in Torino!

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View of Torino center with Alps in the background
Torino is the city of (used to be-)FIAT, and the iconic Cinquecento
Piazza San Carlo, the "living room" of Torino
Porta Palazzo, the largest open air market in Europe, happening all days but Sundays until 2 p.m.
Street cars running the tramway network in Torino; in the picture, a 3500 series from 1948, still running strong
View of Mount Monviso, in the western Alps, were the Po River originates
The River Po, where many reisdents canoe in the weekends
Torino is famous also for its sweets and coffee shops
Sacra di San Michele, landmark abbey in Val di Susa, a valley in the Metropolitan City of Torino, located between the Graian Alps in the north and the Cottian Alps in the south